In my childhood I spent many hours on a small lake near our home, Lomtjärn. During the winter we played hockey and bandy there and in the summer I caught small crucians, which I sold as bait for fishermen.
When I was looking for the little lake on Google Maps a few years ago, I found an interesting shape and decided to use it in my jewellery.
It was the beginning of a new series of brooches.
I started to look for other lakes from my home area that I had some sort of connection with, Igeltjärn, Kyrktjärn and Losjön.
The project has been developed and now includes various lakes that have some meaning for me, memories from trips or the favourite lake for a summer dip.
These memories have a relationship with the etchings on the surfaces of the brooches, like the scratches from my skates on Lomtjärn.

Tore Svensson

Brooch/Lakes: Steel, Gilt, Paint, Etched. Fired with linseed oil
photo: Franz Karl