10 feb–24 march
2018 Tore Svensson, ”The Alchemical Egg”  LA Joaillerie par Mazlo,  Paris.


16 march–14 april 2018 Åsa Christensson, Four Gallery, Göteborg


8 march–7 april
 2018 ”Francesco Pavan – Tore Svensson”  
Galerie Handwerk, Munich


7–13 march
2018 Karin Seufert, SCHMUCK 2018, Munich


2018 Karin Seufert Solo-exhibition, 
Jewelerswerk Gallery, Washington


2018 Karin Seufert, Solo-exhibition, Gallery Marzee, Nijmegen


29 sept–27 oct
2018 Karin Östberg, Galerie Terra Delft Holland, solo

2 oct 2017 Tore Svensson. New book ”PORTRAITS No 2” with 58 new brooches.
Order it directly from: Price 20 €.

22 july 2017  ”69 LAKES” New book with brooches of lakes by Tore Svensson has just arrived from the print shop. Order it directly from: Price 20 €.


24 sept 2015 Tore Svensson iron bowl on Swedish postage stamp.
Release: November 12, 2015.
Denomination: 14 SKR.
Photo: Franz Karl. Designer: Gustav Mårtensson. Engravers: Piotr Naszarkowski.

Bok 2
17 sept 2015 Over a longer period, Tore Svensson worked on portraits of brooches in iron. Now there are 106 brooches of family, friends, colleagues, and a dog, in a book. The book also contains a brief explanation of the project.
The book can be purchased for 20 €